All photographs provided by Derek Stuart and Travis Craig Photography


Mobile, outdoor adventure day camps for kids like the good old days, with a blend of the now.


Our Mission

To bring the joy of learning through experience and the great outdoors back to the youth of today. 

To build confidence and lessen the fear of sweat and dirt. 

Let's go!

I am so happy that we found Mega Camp.

What Derek has given my child and his co-campers is priceless.
It’s the best thing for a child in today’s tech-focused world:
encouraging a love of the outdoors, adventure and being excited about it.
I feel that Jackson is experiencing some of the carefree, wild fun that I had as a child, all within a nurturing, safe enough environment with Derek’s watchful eye, while encouraging a child to take risks and to go the extra mile, building social skills and confidence...
that’s what it’s all about.

He and I look forward to many more adventures to come.
Thank you again!!!
— Judith Roberts, Parent of Jackson (age 12)